Magazine Readership Increases, and That’s the Truth

By Scott OlsonYou might not believe it, but total magazine readership for the first quarter of 2013 actually increased. Believe it. For the past few weeks we’ve talked about some of the benefits of magazine advertising and why marketers should be including magazines in their campaigns. And now this. Do you believe me now? [...]

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3 Reasons Magazine Advertising Still Matters to Your Business

By Hannah Hill What do Lexus, Barbie, Target and Subway have in common? I’ll give you a few seconds to connect the dots between the luxury automaker, plastic diva, one stop shop and Jared’s favorite fast food sandwich chain before I give you the answer. One second, two seconds, three seconds…Stumped? They are four of the [...]

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Top Benefits of Advertising in Digital Magazines

By Jenna BruceUnless you have a strong aversion to dealing with reality you’ve no doubt become aware of the fact the human race has gone mobile. Smartphones were adopted in a relatively short amount of time and have great influence on consumers. Additionally, this increased mobile usage has led to an increase in the consumption [...]

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