Dubai-based fashion brand Noor The Label’s abayas embody Eid spirit

DUBAI: Inspired by the festivities of the upcoming Eid Al-Adha holiday, the Dubai-based brand Noor The Label just revealed a special collection of abayas, aimed at the modest modern-day woman.Noor, Arabic for light, was launched in 2015 by the designer with a vision to enrich the fashion scene with elegant modest wear, by shedding that [...]

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The fashion concept store that is rethinking retail

with the British high street in serious decline and luxury fashion houses such as Burberry closing down stores globally, it’s no secret that the retail landscape is due a rethink. The public may be changing the way it shops, but retailers are also changing the way they sell. On Thursday, for example, models dressed in the latest [...]

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Native American fashion show highlights traditional clothing

Della Big Hair-Stump remembers growing up and watching her grandparents and mother beading and sewing at the dining room table.She traveled to powwows across the country and Canada with her family, where she began to collect inspiration from her heritage and upbringing within the Crow Tribe.In 2015, Big Hair-Stump decided to start her own [...]

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The Bachelor contestants stun in premiere’s most daring looks

As this year’s The Bachelor, Matt Agnew, starts his search for love, the lucky ladies lining up to meet him have already shown they’re putting their very best foot forward in the style stakes. From plunging necklines and perfectly preened tresses, the 28 contestants have put in every effort to secure a spot in the astrophysicist’s [...]

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H&M’s latest collaborations with brands and designers

Fashion brands have to be creative if they want to remain relevant and in demand. The aim is to constantly find new fabrics and styles, and for the latter, companies are often looking beyond their own walls for inspiration: Collaborations with designers and other brands are a win-win for both sides because they [...]

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What are fast fashion brands doing to tackle fashion’s sustainability problem?

As Zara announces a new wave of sustainability initiatives, Vogue looks at the key commitments that it and other fast fashion brands have made to date, and whether their impact goes far enough.The environmental and ethical issues surrounding fast fashion are no secret, and have only escalated in recent years. The world now consumes in excess [...]

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Arthur McGee, Fashion Designer Who Broke Racial Barrier, Dies at 86

By Neil Genzlinger In the mid-1950s, early in his career as a fashion designer, Arthur McGee had an identity problem of sorts. “When I’d go to look for lines of fabric, I’d go to the fabric company, and they’d say, ‘Well, where’s the designer?’ ” he recalled decades later when he was being honored by the Metropolitan [...]

Hire calling: why rental fashion is taking off

It could be a wedding invitation. Perhaps a job interview is coming up. Or maybe it’s just a big night out. There are many reasons people shop for new clothes. But environmentally conscious and cash savvy consumers are increasingly opting to rent rather than buy when they want a new outfit.Fashion rental is on [...]

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10 Fall Makeup Trends That Will Make You Feel Like a Straight-Up Icon

Summer 2019 was all about pretty '90s pastel eyeshadows and oversized eyebrows, but autumn will soon be arriving, which means it's time to steer your glam game in a new direction – one that can support your dark fall wardrobe. Some of your favorite trends will be sticking around (yes, you can keep your neon eyeliner), [...]

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Fashion goes back to the past

It does not usually make it into the spotlight but the humble back is always there. Yet, it is almost never seen in fashion images, forgotten amid the focus on the front and faces.A new Paris exhibition, however, aims to redress this imbalance, exploring the relationship between fashion and this part of the body [...]

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