What to do if you feel people hate you

Social interactions can sometimes be a challenge for people. Some people may even find that any social interaction can leave them feeling as though others hate or dislike them, even when this is not the case. People who experience this may feel isolated. They often fear a large group because they worry that its members [...]

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Tulsa grief counselor converts child therapy into art from

Jessica Orvis is telling you about her work with children, her efforts to blunt their trauma, when you notice her tattoos. Is she making a statement?No. She is providing an outlet to connect with these children."A lot of times with kids, you have to build rapport and you have to have buy-in," she told [...]

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Aptos camp counselor sentenced to 30 years

SAN FRANCISCO — The convicted Aptos camp counselor and tutor who molested at least two boys and victimized other children was sentenced Wednesday in a San Francisco federal court to 30 years in prison despite his relatives’ and friends’ pleas for leniency.The sentencing — rendered by District Court Judge Charles Breyer — followed resistance [...]

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Unit 5 Expands Collaboration With Chestnut, Adds Mental Health Counselor at Normal West

The Unit 5 school board Wednesday voted to expand a collaborative agreement with Chestnut Health Systems to bring a full-time mental health counselor to Normal West high school.The counselor will provide services including drug treatment, individual and group counseling, family support, and a connection to local agencies and resources.Normal Community High School piloted the [...]

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The Most Common Issues People Discussed In Therapy In 2018, According To Experts

It’s safe to say that this past year has felt extremely brutal for many people. Nothing reflects that more than some of the subjects they discussed in therapy.Many people sought mental health help in 2018 to work through an array of issues (and that’s a good thing!). While everyone’s specific discussions are confidential and [...]

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New numbers reveal school counselor shortage in Arizona

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - Shocking new numbers show Arizona has a massive shortage of school counselors.Our state is now the worst in the country when it comes to counselor-to-student ratio.According to the American School Counselor Association (ASCA), for every school counselor in Arizona there are 905 students who they serve.[WATCH: Stats show Arizona has [...]

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State to Pay Loans to Boost Mental Health Care in Rural Counties

The Indiana Department of Health is hoping to entice mental health care professionals to work in rural and opioid-stricken counties in the state by offering to help pay their student loans."This program will help bring more qualified medical professionals to rural Indiana communities and expand access to quality treatment for individuals with substance use [...]

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facilitating support groups for caregivers

The 40 million adults in the U.S. identified as caregivers often find themselves overwhelmed, lonely and depressed. They provide care on a part-time or full-time basis for individuals — usually family members — who, because of health or other reasons, need assistance with activities of daily living. Facilitated groups can provide a nonjudgmental framework [...]

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Finding best Rehabs in Mumbai?

Pick the right Rehab, Reclaim your life.Everybody’s needs are unique. We’ll help you pick the best addiction treatment program for you. We are going to conjugate all the various rehabilitation centers nation wide to cater the people find resolution under one particular portal . We are here to serve and guide information about various treatments and recovery therapy [...]

Inner Space

About To Inner Space Inner Space was started by Sadia Saeed as a psychological counselling and assessment center. It is an extension of her private practice as a clinical psychologist aimed at reaching out to more people and incorporating more professionals. Inner Space is intended to be a place where individuals are free to explore [...]

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