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Open the school of innovative education “Rainbow” in your city!

Rainbow is an international training center specializing in teaching Internet marketing, business technologies, financial literacy, IT, setting up and achieving goals, negotiating, emerging from conflict situations, building own business, etc., at the age of 7 to 17 years; .

The author’s program of the school was developed with the participation of professional teachers, psychologists, IT specialists, successful entrepreneurs. The central office of Rainbow is located in the Dnieper (Ukraine). The project started in 2014, today more than 20 Rainbow representative offices work in 5 countries! Net profit: about 890 000 tenge. per month *
The School adapts the most popular “adult” trainings for a children’s audience, for example: time management, effective communication skills, etiquette in the network, etc. Children are given practical skills that will help them in life and that they can not get anywhere else. The result is visible after the first course of training! Parents note that the child has a desire to learn, he acquires leadership qualities and is able to express his thoughts competently and intelligently.

The result is visible after the first course of training!

You will need an audience of 30 square meters. m. In the starter package you receive a unique program “Rainbow”, which is updated annually (all updates are provided to you for free!). In summer there is a summer camp, the organization’s experience is also transferred to you.

Also in the starter package is a complete set of materials for starting and running a business (business plan, marketing plan, strategic plan, advertising models, etc.). There is ongoing support from the management company, it is possible to exclusive to the city! In addition to the cost of the launch package, you need to invest about 560 000 tenge * in furniture, equipment, decoration of premises, advertising.
“Rainbow” is a very interesting business, thanks to which you will help improve the education of the younger generation and help the children to translate their cherished dreams into reality! Well, of course, you yourself will learn a lot! Net profit: about 890 000 tenge. in months.

We present you the calculation of profit based on the example of the management company.

* The result is not guaranteed and depends on your individual work.

To start cooperation, you need to sign a contract with us. Immediately after the payment of the start-up package, the management company begins to instruct you on starting the business. By following its step-by-step instructions, you will be able to open your school within one month.

Training (familiarity with Rainbow software interface, business start-up, advertising tools, sales process, audit).

Marketing materials (template of commercial offer, sales scripts, business cards layouts).

Set of documentation: commercial proposals, forms of contracts, instructions.

Access to the cloud storage of training and promotional materials.

Certificate of representative.

Materials for starting and running business:

– Business plan for opening a school,

– Marketing plan for starting and promoting a school,

– Plan of image initiatives for carrying out promotions and popularizing schools in the region,

– Strategic plan,

– Recruitment recommendations,

– Training programs ,

– a package of mock-ups of polygraphy and outdoor advertising,

– information support (development and business),

– a package of video and photo materials,

– an opportunity to participate in regular school activities,

– constant support from the head office.

* Exclusive is provided for cities with a population of less than 1 million people. To obtain an exclusivity for a city with a million population, you need to purchase 3 starting packages

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