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The cinema is one of those favorite places where many people go to spend their free time. A few minutes before the start of the session, it is almost impossible to buy a ticket for a good place, if it is a weekend or evening time. A huge role will also be played by the fact how much popular and well-proven is the cinema itself among the population. That’s why business at the opening of a private cinema is considered to be quite profitable business.

Cinema hall

If it is a question of medium-sized regional cities, then competition in this area of ​​business in many of them is simply absent, that’s why opening a cinema in one of such cities is great chance to become a monopolist. However, even in a big city, where several cinemas are already open, another one will not be a mistake, because this kind of recreation is very popular, especially among young people and teenagers, which means you will not have to stay without clients.

The format of your cinema

There are several main types of cinemas, and first you need to decide which of these types you would like to implement in your project. The first option is a large cinema, which is a whole complex, containing several rooms for a large number of places, small cafes and other additional facilities for cultural recreation. The second convenient option is a small cinema with up to fifty seats. This option will be more convenient and acceptable for beginning entrepreneurs. Today, we suggest that you consider the second option as a private business from scratch.

Location and placement under the cinema

To open your small cinema, it is not necessary to build a separate building for this. It will be enough just to rent a suitable room and bring it to the proper view, in accordance with the norms of the fire service and sanitary-epidemiological station. The only thing that is mandatory for absolutely any cinema is, of course, high ceilings. Consider these requirements, looking for a room for your cinema.

Regarding the location of your future cinema, here, of course, the best option is accommodation near shopping centers and entertainment complexes. Another option is in the central districts of the city. The place should be where a large number of people pass a day.

What you need to open your cinema

Before opening your private cinema, take care of registering your private business. For this kind of entertaining business, like a cinema, the form of registration of a limited liability company should most suit.
The amount to open 300 thousand rubles.

And the main thing that will be required for a movie theater is, of course, the films themselves. To show the film in your private cinema, you will need to find distributors of films you are interested in. The contract concluded with them will allow you to show a separate film in the halls of your cinema. Such a contract should include detailed information about the timing, cost and number of impressions.

* Please note that all calculations presented in the record are of a conditional nature and are given as an example of the potential profitability of this type of activity. We recommend making calculations of the project payback before starting an activity.


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