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Analysts of the largest US company IBISWorld note that the growth in demand for tattoos in recent years has given rise to an additional business sector – the provision of services for the removal of tattoos, experiencing a period of active growth. According to some reports, the number of salons providing such services has doubled in the last 5 years.

Entrance ticket: 100 – 500 thousand rubles.
The minimum size of the population: from 500,000 people
Market conditions: free market
Estimating the complexity of the launch: 2/5

The reasons for the removal of tattoos in people can be completely different: someone wants to get rid of memories, others do not want to have problems because of the tattoo. One of the main motivating reasons for removing tattoos is the desire to increase their chances of finding work. For example, it will triple to work in the police, the FSB or the fire department with a picture on the body will not work, as it can speak of the candidate’s not quite correct past. Another common reason may be that the tattoo has gone out of fashion, for example, once popular drawings of Chinese characters. Many office people do not feel comfortable with their tattoos, preferring to remove them from visible parts of the body – on the neck and arms. People go to forced steps, spending big money just to get or keep their job.

While people are doing tattoos, they are disappointed in this and want to remove an unnecessary figure on their body – salons for removing tattoos will thrive. You do not have to understand much about mathematics, that you understand the benefits of this lesson. On average, the price for one laser tattoo removal session costs about 1500-2500 rubles. This is for a small tattoo, and if the tattoo is large – from 10,000 to 20,000 rubles in just one session. But! In one session, no tattoo is removed, you need at least 5-7 sessions.

Intervals between sessions can range from three weeks to one month, depending on the patient’s condition. It turns out that the final price for a set of sessions for the withdrawal of tattoos can be from 9 000 to 100 000 rubles from one client. And such clients every day becomes more and more, increasing the income of the salons for the removal of tattoos. In fact, over a week 5-6 clients bring in income from 10 000 to 50 000 rubles, and the master works only 2-3 hours a day.

Organizational issues

Any heated room with an area of ??no more than 10-20 m2 is suitable for providing tattoo removal services. Rent of such premises will cost 6000 – 15000 rubles per month.

As an organizational and legal form of a tattoo parlor, you can register ordinary individual entrepreneurship. The opening of the IP does not require the preparation of a large package of documents, the process of registration in the tax takes only 5 working days and costs no more than 800 rubles. When completing the application for registration, OKVED 93.02 “Providing services for hairdressers and beauty salons” is indicated.

When choosing a tax system for a tattoo parlor, you can pay attention to such a special. regime as a patent (patent system of taxation). Acquiring a patent, an entrepreneur pays the tax as if “forward” (as a rule, this amount is from 900 rubles and higher depending on the type of activity). The big plus of the patent is that the entrepreneur does not need to report for activities, keep accounts, etc. – paid the patent and work quietly, unlike other types of taxation, such as USN.

Approximate investment in opening a salon to remove tattoos:
Equipment (laser installation) – 150 000 rubles;
Office equipment and cosmetic accessories (table, armchair, locker, etc.) – 50 thousand rubles;
Consumables – 15 thousand rubles;
Organizational expenses (opening of an IP, purchase of a patent, etc.) – 10 thousand rubles;
Deposit for renting premises for 1 month – 15 thousand rubles;
Advertising salon + development of a site-cut-away – 45 thousand rubles;
Other expenses – 20 thousand rubles
TOTAL: ~ 305 thousand rubles

Equipment and technology

To date, the procedure for removing tattoos is carried out on a new generation of laser systems. With the help of Q-switch technology, the removal of tattoos passes without a trace, qualitatively and effectively. A feature of Q-switch technology used in equipment is the ability to instantaneously release laser energy with such a powerful impulse that, when absorbed in pigmented tissues, the undesirable pigment literally “crumbles” into particles, which are then phagocytized by blood cells. Thus, the pigment is removed from the tissues. Usually laser exposure lasts no more than a few minutes, and its duration is determined by the nature and size of the tattoo.

The laser treatment process is as follows:
Before starting treatment, a protective screen is applied to the eyes. On a small fragment of the tattoo, the doctor checks the individual’s susceptibility to laser radiation. Laser tattoos are removed by a series of fast pulses. After laser treatment, ice is applied to the skin to reduce the tumor. After a while, a disinfectant ointment and a sterile dressing are applied. Skin care after laser exposure is the same as after a sunburn.
A new installation for laser tattoo removal will cost from 100,000 rubles and above, depending on the “heap” of the device. This installation weighs only 10-15 kg. In any case, even the most inexpensive device is capable of performing the main functions, including:

Removal of pathological pigmentation;
Removal of freckles, moles;
Removal of tattoo of the eyebrow, lips, eyes;
Removal of tattoos of red, brown, blue, black and other colors.

In fact, the salon can position itself not only as a salon to remove tattoos, but also to earn money for removing pathological pigmentations, freckles, birthmarks and so on (+ 15% of revenue):

Business revenue

With daily service of at least two customers at a minimum price of 2500 rubles per session per person, the monthly revenue of the salon will be 110,000 rubles (22 working days * 5000 rubles). From the given sum it is necessary to subtract:

Rent of a premise (15?2) – 15 thousand rubles;
Wages of 1 master – 25 thousand rubles;
Insurance deductions for the employee – 8 thousand rubles;
Consumables – 10 thousand rubles;
Advertising – 5 thousand rubles;
Other expenses – 5 thousand rubles.
Total constant monthly expenses of the salon will amount to 68 thousand rubles.

Hence the monthly profit of the salon for the removal of tattoos is: 110,000 – 68,000 = 42,000 rubles. In fact, this is the most “pessimistic” forecast, as customers can be much more (depends on the promotion of the salon, advertising). Partly the number of clients will depend on the size of the city. It is clear that the salon income in a city with a population of 100 thousand people and 1 million people will differ at times.

* Please note that all calculations presented in the record are of a conditional nature and are given as an example of the potential profitability of this type of activity. We recommend making calculations of the project payback before starting an activity.

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