Production of frameless furniture

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Frame-less furniture was invented long ago. The first seat-bag went on sale in the 60 years of the last century. But in our country the production of frame-less furniture is just gaining momentum. Such furniture is presented in several versions: armchairs, sofas and ottomans. All these types unite the lack of a frame base, that is, the furniture consists of a shell (fabric, leather, fur, etc.) and filler (expanded polystyrene.

Consequently, while sewing frameless furniture has not yet filled the market, and there are practically no competitors in this direction, you have the opportunity to occupy the niches of this promising and profitable business.

Premises for production

For the organization of business on sewing frame-less furniture, you need to rent a room for the workshop. The area of ​​the room depends on the scale of the project.

For example, in order to install four or five sewing machines you will need a workshop area of ​​25-30 square meters. For ten machines – 50-60 square meters. m. There are no special requirements for the room, the most important thing is that there is good lighting. In addition, you need a warehouse for storing finished furniture.

Equipment for the production of furniture

For the production of frameless furniture you need to purchase equipment. If you plan to produce the filler yourself – styrofoam, then you will need to buy a mini-blowing agent for the production of polystyrene foam. You will also need an industrial sewing machine (5pcs for 5 workplaces) and a table for cutting the shell, for sewing (5pcs for 5 workplaces).

To simplify the production process as much as possible, we need patterns (wedges and bottoms hexahedrons) for different types of models. For the shell will require a quality fabric, thread and accessories (zipper).

Features of the production process

Frameless furniture is made very simply. The design of the bag consists of a lower cover filled with polystyrene beads. For the bottom cover you can use any dense fabric, for example, satin. The choice of fabric for the upper cover is unlimited and completely depends on your imagination.

But chairs of furniture fabric are no less popular. The upper cover must be removed for washing, this requires a zipper.

For a day, one seamstress can make two or three seat-bags. For one bag, an average of about four kilograms of polystyrene and about five meters of fabric is required for the cover.

The target audience of the project

The business plan for the production of frameless furniture should cover the main audience of buyers. Who buys frameless furniture? As a rule, these are modern young people who are striving for everything new and unusual. Choose such furniture and parents who want to protect their child from acute angles. Or elderly people appreciate comfort.

The greatest demand is the chair-bag – comfortable furniture, taking the form of a person sitting on it. These chairs are very light and compact, they can move around the apartment, even a child. They buy them for summer cottages, clubs, cafes, kindergartens and so on.

When manufacturing frameless furniture it is very important to use the principle of exclusivity, that is, models must be diverse in design. To achieve this is not at all difficult, considering the wide range of furniture fabrics presented in the modern market. Look for new original styles, experiment with color, texture, produce furniture for individual orders and you will expand the market for your products.

To make armchairs for children from bright fabrics, with pockets, lacing, appliqués or any other interesting elements.

Marketing and brand promotion

To protect your frameless furniture from other unauthorized manufacturers, you need to develop a logo, a trademark and register a trademark. You must be different from competitors that produce a similar product with the original name, graphic logo and so on.

This is necessary for an advertising campaign, your potential customers should recognize your products. It is worth noting that at first time on advertising will have to spend a lot of money and time. Print out leaflets with descriptions and photo models of furniture.

Own website is also quite effective means for attracting customers. In addition, with the help of the site you can take pre-orders for the production of frameless furniture.

You can use visual advertising, that is, offer the owners of hairdressing salons (hairdresser’s business plan), salons and so on to temporarily place your products in your home. Thanks to such advertising people can not only see your furniture, but also use it. And here you need your company logo. Thanks to him, potential customers will find out where to turn to them for such chairs.

Financial calculations and profitability

For the organization of own business on manufacture frameless furniture the starting capital at a rate of 400-500 thousand rubles is necessary. Such amount will be quite enough for the implementation of the business plan:

payment for the lease of space, the
purchase of equipment,
wages for employees, etc.
You can do less and less if you organize production at home and do not involve third-party workers.

The cost of frameless furniture, as a rule, is two or more times higher than the cost of making it. What makes this type of business very cost-effective.

Monthly income can reach 100-150 thousand rubles. Consequently, investments in the organization of production will pay off within six months.

* Please note that all calculations presented in the record are of a conditional nature and are given as an example of the potential profitability of this type of activity. We recommend making calculations of the project payback before starting an activity

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