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Coffee trade around the world is considered a very developed business area. Until now, coffee is confidently in second place in world sales, second only to oil. We are so accustomed to this drink that we consume it every morning to make the body more vigorous. Although the pleasure is not cheap …

Today, enterprising businessmen have found a new way of earning on this drink – trading through a mobile coffee shop or “coffee on wheels”. Mobile coffee favorably differs from other points of sale of an invigorating drink, such as vending machines, buffets, restaurants, etc.

The main advantages of a mobile coffee shop, before a stationary option, are:

Mobility of the outlet for the sale of coffee. Less profitable place can be easily changed to more profitable;
Coffee on wheels is a fully autonomous installation that does not require the connection of water and electricity. The car is equipped with coffee machines that operate from gas cylinders;
Novelty of the idea. Mobile points for the sale of coffee – this is a completely new type of business, which has virtually no competition, while the demand for the product is quite high.
The appearance of coffee-mobiles has been noted so far only in the capital and several large cities. In many other regions of the Russian Federation they do not even know about the existence of such a business. What can I say, even in Moscow such points can be counted on the fingers, although there are a lot of places for installing coffee-mobiles.

Coffee, in a mobile coffee shop is sold no worse than in an ordinary restaurant and coffee shops. The most popular outlet is for those who need to quickly use their favorite drink without spending a lot of time. The equipment installed in the coffee-mobile is not inferior to the restaurant equipment, and the coffee cooked in it is very tasty. The whole process of making coffee, including grinding, takes place in front of the client, this is another advantage of a mobile coffee shop.

Someone may say that the main competitor vending machines and other points of rapid sale of coffee will not give the mobile coffee house free development. But this is not so. Coffee, cooked in such machines, an order of magnitude inferior to the natural coffee, prepared on a professional coffee maker. True connoisseurs of coffee understand this.

The best places to install coffee on wheels are campuses, bus stops, universities, exits from subway and underground passages, business centers, festive events, forums. The sales point should be installed so that it maximally attracts the attention of passers-by.

The operating mode of coffee-mobile starts at 7 am, when many coffee houses are still closed. During this time, you can make a good profit, as many people use coffee before work or study to give vigor to the body. Coffee turns out very fragrant, if it is cooked immediately after grinding the grains. Therefore, many owners of mobile coffee houses long ago refused to make coffee from pre-ground grains.

According to the recommendations of a professional of this kind of business, you should not sell coffee in plastic cups. It is better to use paper cups. They are considered environmentally friendly and harmless to humans. An understanding customer appreciates this.

The revenue of a mobile coffee shop depends on the location of the installation. So, with an average selling price of 30 rubles per serving and 200 clients per day, we get 6,000 rubles. Revenue per working day. The cost of one portion is approximately 12 rubles, that is, the profit per sold portion is 18 rubles (at a retail price of 30 rubles). Even with the sale of 100 servings a day, the mobile coffee shop justifies itself in full. Taking into account the costs of wages to sellers, taxes and leases, the monthly profit is from 50 thousand rubles from one mobile point.

To purchase a fully-ready for coffee-coffee will have to spend at least 600 thousand rubles. This amount can differ dramatically depending on the condition and brand of the car in which the equipment is mounted. The very same set of equipment, including a professional coffee maker, will cost the entrepreneur 70-100 thousand rubles. Business gurus categorically do not recommend saving on equipment, because the quality of cooked coffee directly depends on it, which means attendance and profit of a mobile point. Also at the start of business, about 30 thousand will be needed to purchase raw materials and ingredients for coffee production.

The payback of a mobile coffee shop is from 6 to 12 months depending on the place of installation and promotion of the outlet. This is a short time.
Before starting a business it is necessary to register an individual enterprise, conclude a lease contract for a trading place and hire personnel. You will need at least two baristas who can work concurrently with drivers of coffee-mobile. The average salary of a barista is 300 rubles per day plus 5% of daily revenue. Since only one person is enough to serve the coffee-mobile, the barista schedule can be set in the 2/2 mode.

Summarizing, it can be said that small investments, combined with low rental, high demand and quick payback, make the mobile coffee business very attractive for investments.

* Please note that all calculations presented in the record are of a conditional nature and are given as an example of the potential profitability of this type of activity. We recommend making calculations of the project payback before starting an activity.

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