Manufacturing of Green houses

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Recently ecologically pure products have become fashionable. More and more people are buying dachas for the cultivation of natural products, and the business of growing and selling organic vegetables is becoming more popular. Therefore, activities aimed at producing the necessary equipment for dachas and farms will certainly bring you profit.

Sharp changes of temperature, rains of an uncertain composition, negative influence of sun rays make the process of growing vegetables on the garden area laborious and inconclusive. To protect the crop from the negative influence of the environment, it is possible only with the help of a greenhouse for cottages. Therefore, the manufacture, sale and installation of greenhouses – an advantageous business, which is included in the collection of ideas of home and small business.

Production of greenhouses from polycarbonate.

All greenhouses have the same purpose, but differ in purpose, equipment and equipment. The most popular among buyers are greenhouses made of polycarbonate. And not for nothing, because they are distinguished by their durability, excellent thermal insulation, and also reliably protect plants from ultraviolet radiation. With all their positive qualities, such greenhouses are relatively inexpensive.

Production technology.

So, first of all we are determined with the greenhouse project. On the Internet, you can find many options, including exotic buildings from plastic bottles and old window frames. However, it is better to dwell on a good-quality classic – a graceful arched greenhouse on a light foundation with a skeleton of a metal profile. You only need to determine the size (length, width and height of the structure), the coating material (polycarbonate or polyethylene) and, having checked with one of the standard projects, to choose the desired step of the crate.

The frame is best constructed from metal profile rolled metal. You can use round, rectangular, oval pipes – they, even without special experience, it is easy enough to cut the “Bulgarian”, not to mention the cutting machine. Then comes the most important stage – the workpieces need to be given the right shape. To do this, you need a special device – a profile pipe bender.

It is enough for a home master to have in his arsenal a small manual profile (eg PG-1 or PG-3), he copes with a flexible metal rectangular profile, steel pipes of various sections and fittings, allowing to achieve a smooth radius of curvature. In fact, the frame of the greenhouse is ready, it remains to apply anticorrosion coatings on the pipes and to decorate the end elements of the future greenhouse.
The design of the end blocks provides for the presence of a door and a window. Better (at least easier and faster) if the steel structure is welded, at least partially. If you do not know the welding technique – it does not matter, the steel profiles can be joined together and galvanized by bolts.

A reliable greenhouse must be firmly installed. Many craftsmen fill a shallow ribbon foundation, this option is good for a glass year-round greenhouse. Lightweight polycarbonate construction is sufficient as a foundation for a conventional 100 * 100 bar impregnated with a protective compound. To it self-screws are screwed metal arches of a skeleton, connected among themselves by ribs of rigidity.

Finally, the last step: fixing the polycarbonate. You can open it all with the same Bulgarian, or even with a jig saw. Then drill the mounting holes in the sheets (not closer than 40 mm from the edge). For the installation itself, special polycarbonate profiles are used, sealed from the outside and from the inside by an aluminum self-adhesive tape. It is important to remember that polycarbonate sheets have an outer and an inner side – carefully look at the manufacturer’s marks.

However, do not limit the creative impulse of one greenhouse. The possibilities of the profile bend are so wide that various variations of arched constructions can be thought up by countless numbers. Gazebo and awning (for example, for a car), a visor over the porch, a summer kitchen and an elegant pergola – a cottage or a private plot will be completely transformed in a couple of weeks!

To start the production of a greenhouse, gazebo or awning you will need:
Equipment: Pipe bender, welding machine, USM, Screwdriver, compressor with spray gun.
profile PG-1 (price 15000 rub.) or profile PG-3 (the price is 18000 rubles);
USM (Bulgarian) (the average price is 3000 rubles);
welding machine (about 7000 rubles.);
a small drilling machine (3500 rubles);
compressor with a paint panel (9000 rubles.).

In the manufacture of polycarbonate greenhouses there is nothing complicated. First, a greenhouse frame of the required dimensions is made of a galvanized profile. Then polycarbonate sheets are fastened to it using a sealed tape, the final stage is the installation of doors and windows. Installation of the greenhouse occurs directly on the customer’s site, where the greenhouse is installed on the foundation, but if there is a need for a mobile greenhouse, then without a foundation. The cost of everything necessary to produce one such greenhouse of medium size is about 10 thousand rubles, and the whole process will cost the customer about 25 thousand rubles. Hence we conclude that this business is highly profitable, and the profit is about 150%.

Cons of this business.

But, it is worth noting that this business of manufacturing greenhouses made of polycarbonate has a number of shortcomings. The most significant shortcomings include high competition, as often in this market the supply is ahead of demand. However, the idea should not be abandoned, it is possible to produce greenhouses of a different design.

Alternative production.

You can prefer another option, for example, to produce greenhouses made of wood, or greenhouses of metal structures, covered with glass. And it is possible to engage in the production of greenhouses for farms. The technology of production of the greenhouses mentioned above is labor intensive and requires additional investments, but this product is in no less demand. If you chose this option, then the production line will cost you about 200 thousand rubles. However, this is an advantageous investment, as you can profit not only from the sale of the finished product, but also from the supply of components for greenhouses to smaller entrepreneurs. If you start working without your own production line, the price of the question will be about 60 thousand rubles, the difference, as you see, is not significant.

Return on business.

Investments in this business, as a rule, pay off for the first time for several months of work. But it must be remembered that this business is seasonal. Therefore, to open their own business on the production of greenhouses is a few months before the start of the season, before this, monitoring the demand for this product. You should also conduct a small advertising campaign, and it is desirable to conclude several contracts with farms and garden associations.

The cost price of a greenhouse made of polycarbonate made by hand, is approximately 10 thousand rubles. The process of manufacturing and installation lasts 4 hours and costs 24 thousand rubles. That is for 1 day you can earn about 28 thousand rubles. Of course, everything will depend on you. The main need for greenhouses occurs in spring and autumn.
The frame of the greenhouse is made of a profile pipe 20 * 20, 25 * 25 or from profile pipes of other sizes. For the production of greenhouses, there is enough garage space 4 * 6. Greenhouses on request are manufactured in the garage and assembled at the customer’s site.

* Please note that all calculations presented in the record are of a conditional nature and are given as an example of the potential profitability of this type of activity. We recommend making calculations of the project payback before starting an activity

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