Best 161 Business idea

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Best 161 Business idea

161 Business idea

1 · Hairdressing services, manicurists, pedicurists, cosmetologist, make-up artist.
2 · A fun group for children. Home kindergarten.
3 · Organization of congratulations and gifts delivery to the elderly, patients in hospitals.
4 · Organization of a company for the care of children, the elderly, the disabled, in which several people can be employed.
5 · Rehabilitation groups for children with developmental disabilities.
6 · Medical services. Home counseling. Measure blood pressure, injections and injections at home. Massage.
7 · Pharmaceutical services. Delivery of medicines and hygiene products.
8 · Beauty salon.
9 · Musical design of weddings, presentations, holidays (portraits at home, photographing pets).
10 · Video shooting, photo services, video rental.
11 · Computer services – programming, reprinting, typing, design, replication. Binding.
12 · Courier services.
13 · Help at home.
14 · Nanny.
15 · Family dinners.
16 · The manager on the phone.
17 · Setting up musical instruments.
18 · Transport activities for the transportation of passengers and goods in the city.
19 · Car service station: gas station, car wash; repair of cars (trucks), pre-sale preparation; car alarm (installation and maintenance); trade in spare parts; auto camping; car washing, parking lot cleaning.
20 · Making photos in wall or table frames.
21 · Jewelery repair, renovation, alteration and cleaning of women’s jewelry.
22 · Washing of windows and shop windows.
23 · Cleaning of fireplaces.
24 · Office for cleaning apartments, washing windows and ceilings and the like. Seasonal work – preparation of summer residences.
25 · The maid. Help at home, help during weddings and other celebrations.
26 · Development of original branded calendars, postcards, envelopes, business cards for various organizations.
27 · Window design, individual design of curtains. Orders can be received from both organizations and individuals.
28 · Graphic design – company signs, emblems of exhibitions and firms, headers of forms, advertisements and the like.
29 · Manufacturing and repair of jewelry, costume jewelery.
30 · Painting walls and ceilings in homes, offices, restaurants, children’s institutions.
31 · Delivery and sale of newspapers.
32 · Cleaning of parking lots. You can negotiate with the owners of cars in the parking lot about cleaning the area, clearing snow, washing cars and the like.


33 · Manufacture of sheepskin products, headgear, mittens, insole, home shoes, vests.
34 · Dressing and dyeing of fur, production of articles made of natural fur.
35 · Making ties and handkerchiefs from original fabrics.
36 · Training in sewing and sewing children’s clothing.
37 · Sewing and selling products.
38 · Training in sewing and sewing.
39 · Knitting and selling products or teaching knitting.
40 · Spinning or spinning training, sale of untreated and processed wool, spindles and other spinning accessories.
41 · Design of overalls. Manufacture and sale of napkins, aprons, caps, kerchiefs, overalls.
42 · Manufacturing and sale of children’s hats, bows, blankets from rags, breastplates, aprons.
43 · Home cutter is a fashion designer.
44 · Production and sale of patterns.
45 · Production of shirts and T-shirts by printing drawings, applications.
46 · Making and selling various souvenirs and gifts for certain holidays – for Christmas, Easter, New Year, March 8, Trinity.
47 · Manufacturing and decoration of shop windows, signboards.
48 · Woodcarving. Production of animal figures, frames for paintings, photographs or miniatures and other articles for sale.
49 · Production of art products from clay, wood vines, straws, braids, birch bark; painting on wood, decoration of caskets, cutting boards, furniture.
50 · Manufacturing of leather and knitted buttons, belts, bags and the like.
51 · Wooden buttons. Hand-cut and painted original buttons and brooches are sure to find a consumer.
52 · Production of colorful panels from dried flowers and other natural materials.
53 · Embossing, engraving.
54 · Manufacture and sale of original candles.
55 · Custom-made rugs and blankets. Good demand for carpets with the image of brand and trade marks, which can decorate the offices and halls of companies.
56 · Decoration made of leather.
57 · Copper ornaments.
58 · Copper and wooden plaques with a surname, name and patronymic on the door, portfolios with monograms. Design and manufacturing of signs on bags, boxes, signboards, cars and so on.

Professionals of various profiles

59 · Accountants – keeping books, filling out forms, drawing up reports and the like.
60 · Editors – editing dissertations, translations and other texts.
61 · Programmers – programming, software development, software production in accordance with customer requests.
62 · Interpreters – written or oral translation. Translation of foreign texts, direct and reverse. Preparation of personal and official correspondence.
63 · Preparation of newsletters or cards on the profile of your specialty.
64 · Research and reporting.
65 · Telephone interviews, interviews of various groups during mass interviews or training of interviewers.
66 · Interior decorator at exhibitions, sales, presentations.
67 · Consultant on computers, installation of computer equipment.
68 · Management consultant, business consulting, assistance in creating business plans, registration, reporting, other documents.
69 · Consultant-teacher in the kindergarten, summer camp of enterprises or in the city.
70 · Marketing consultant. Marketing research.
71 · Lawyer. Legal services, various types of legal assistance.
72 · Builders (repair, equipment and improvement of dwellings and other buildings).

Preparation and lecturing on any topic, teaching lessons on

73 · Accounting;
74 · Foreign languages;
75 · Photos;
76 · Fast reading;
77 · Mathematics;
78 · Drawing;
79 · Music;
80 · Typescript;
81 · Yoga;
82 · Work on the computer;
83 · Tennis;
84 · Preparation of exotic or vegetarian dishes;
85 · Dancing;
86 · History;
87 · Judo;
88 · Aerobics and others.

For those who have organizational skills

89 · Organization of excursions on historical, local history and other topics.
90 · Organization of tourist trips, bus excursions and so on.
91 · Organization of cleaning attics, cellars, yards, trading halls.
92 · Organization of holidays, presentations, competitions – decorating, advertising, music, presentation of participants, fashion shows and the like.
93 · Organization of seminars, conferences, exchange of experience, and organization of cultural programs for these events.
94 · Wedding organizer, wedding coordinator, toastmaster.

Ideas for small shops

95 · Commission shop. Secondhand bookshop.
96 · Sale of goods for fishing.
97 · Sale of original postcards, lithographs, pictures.
98 · Sale of inflatable balls on holidays.
99 · Sale of newspapers, postcards.


100 · Baking bread, confectionery, cakes to order (baking original cakes for various celebrations, anniversaries, holidays), making cookies, sandwiches.
101 · Manufacture of meat and sausage products.
102 · Smoking.
103 · Organization of catering enterprises (cafes, snack bars, ice-cream parlors, children’s cafes, disco bars).
104 · Lunches on request, formal dinners.

Repair services

105 · Upholstery and repair, manufacturing, fixing or pulling furniture, assembling and disassembling at home, sewing covers for furniture and car seats.
106 · Repair of window frames, inserting of glass, manufacturing of window frames in windows with large frames.
107 · Repair of apartments.
108 · Repair of table lamps, lampshades, lamps. Restoration of antique lamps, replacement of electrical equipment, electrical appliances, household appliances, audio, video and television equipment, computers.
109 · Manufacture of copper products.
110 · Manufacturing of labels on suitcases, luggage and the like.
111 · Installation and / or maintenance of aquariums in offices, cafes, bars, homes.
112 · Arrangement of canopies and awnings.
113 · Installation of blinds, curtains.
114 · Design, manufacture and installation of awnings, curtains, blinds.
115 · Repair of bicycles.
116 · Manufacture of sports equipment.
117 · Repair of watches (wall, floor, hand, fireplace) with departure to the house.
118 · Repair of musical instruments, their adjustment.
119 · Locksmith, plumbing, electrical work.
120 · Welding works. Manufacturing of fences.
121 · Repair of household goods, personal items, footwear, leather and fur products, electrical appliances and household radio-electronic equipment.
122 · Construction, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of housing facilities and cultural and domestic purposes. Construction of garages, cottages, bathhouses. Design, construction, installation of greenhouses and installation of greenhouses, repair of both.
123 · Improvement of the city, collection and processing of domestic and industrial waste.
124 · Manufacture of building materials: brick, blocks, panels, tiles, sawn timber, joiner’s products, etc.

Horticulture, horticulture

125 · Growing and sale of seeds, seedlings.
126 · Cultivation and sale of flowers, berries, vegetables, fruit trees and shrubs. Issue brochures on this topic.
127 · Growing flowers.
128 · Medicinal plants. Cultivation, collection, drying and sale of medicinal plants.
129 · Picking berries, mushrooms, pine nuts, fern.
130 · Livestock breeding; poultry farming; fish farming; beekeeping.
131 · Lectures and seminars on growing, caring for the garden and kitchen garden.
132 · Cultivation and sale of environmentally friendly products. Lectures on this topic.
133 · Preparation of creams, lotions, masks from natural herbs, berries.
134 · Reading lectures on exotic plants and how they can be grown at home or in the garden.
135 · Botany. Purchase of agricultural products.
136 · Purchase of milk in personal part-time farms, processing of milk
137 · Processing of agricultural products.
138 · Growing of cereals and their processing.
139 · The content of broodstock of birds (geese), the reception of eggs and their incubation.
140 · Processing of potatoes.
141 · Harvesting and processing of mushrooms and berries.
142 · Preparation of medicinal plants.
143 · Procurement and processing of meat and river fish.
144 · Plowing of vegetable gardens, grazing of cattle.
145 · Production of honey.
146 · Production of pet food.
147 · Production of vegetable and animal oils and fats.
148 · Breeding thoroughbred dogs and cats, selling puppies and kittens.
149 · Breeding and selling exotic tropical fish.
150 · Breeding and sale of parrots, canaries and other birds.
151 · Training of dogs.
152 · Haircut dogs.
153 · Breeding fish.
154 · Veterinary clinic for pets.
155 · Vaccination of dogs and other domestic animals.
156 · Breeding of goats.
157 · Breeding rabbits.
158 · Hotel for pets. You can take care of dogs, cats, markets and birds, whose owners go on vacation or business trip.


159 · The organization of groups, sections, classes in various sports for both adults and children, both healthy and rehabilitation for people with disabilities or those who have had illness and who need physical therapy.
160 · Organization of health-improving running, aerobics, shaping, sports dances, yoga, tennis.
161 · Mountaineering, speleology, hang-gliding. Organization of hiking, bus excursions around the city and the suburbs, boat, ski, horse and hiking trips


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